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The recruiting process can be a confusing process of question forming, information gathering, decision making and luck all wrapped together.  If getting recruited to play college sports is your goal as a student athlete, it starts right now!  Let Scouted Sports educate you on the process, help you learn what it takes to get yourself recruited and make the right decision for you!

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Matt FraioliSpringfield College ’19
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Scouted Sports not only helped me get into a school that I could play for but they also helped me pick the right school academically as well. The guidance I received from Scouted Sports allowed me to play the game I love for another four years. They helped me make a skills video that was effective to show certain skill points and also taught me about the recruiting process along the way. I am so grateful for all of the hard work that was put into making sure my video was perfect, that I was happy with the outcome and most importantly was able to play at a school that I loved.
Jake FrascaSacred Heart University ‘20
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“Scouted Sports provided me with foundational knowledge of what it takes to become a recruited collegiate athlete. Anthony Conte’s experience and dedication to success paved the way for my recruiting process. Having played one year of D3 baseball and 3 years of D1 ball at Sacred Heart, I can confidently say I found the perfect match. Scouted Sports was a crucial component of my transition to the collegiate atmosphere. “