Get Seen

Once you have your list of colleges, you’ve created an athletic resume/video, and you’ve reached out to your prospective coaches, it is time to get seen live! It is very easy to waste a lot of time and money going to the wrong events. Also, do not plan on getting “discovered” at these events. These coaches will be coming with a list of players they are scouting. Reach out to the coaches before hand and let them know that you will be attending the event. Get yourself on their list!

College Camps: Colleges usually hold their own showcase/camp on campus. For your top schools, it would be a great idea to attend these events. Find the dates of these events by going to the each schools athletic page.

Showcases/Tournaments: Do not just sign up for random events. Attend showcases or tournaments that have multiple schools on your list at one event. Look for events that post a list of confirmed schools before the event.

Summer Team: Send your schedule to your prospective coaches so they can come to see you play when they are available. Make sure your playing on a team that will focus on developing your talents as well as get you exposure experience at showcases and tournaments.