How to Build List of Potential Colleges

You have to do your research. There is an unlimited amount of information on the internet about the thousands of colleges throughout the country. Using these quick guidelines will help you start to form your list of school your interested in. We suggest starting with around 50 schools and throughout the process we will trim it down until we are left with your perfect fit!

Location: Do you want to live in a warm climate? Do you want to be a plane ride away from home or right around the corner? Ask yourself questions like these and figure out which area of the country you would like to be in.

Academics: Use your grades and standardized test scores to determine which schools you will be able to get into. Check out the schools majors and see if they have any programs that interest you. It’s ok if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet but if you do, it will help you narrow down your list. Not to mention it will give you a specific detail about academics that you can use when communicating with college coaches. It is important that you let them know you are interested in their program both athletically and academically.

Division?: Be realistic about what division suits your playing abilities. Would you rather contribute to your team right away or do you not mind waiting until your senior year to maybe get a chance to play? Do not get caught up in playing at a big name school just for the name. You may miss out on a school that is the right fit for you athletically, academically, and socially. There are thousands of schools out there and we will find the right fit for you.

Some other factors to be considered: Financial, School Size, School Atmosphere, Team Atmosphere, Coaching Philosophy, etc.