Creating Your Athletic Resume

It is extremely important to have a place where coaches can find all of the necessary information they need to recruit you. Feel free to check out our player profile pages and see examples of what you need. If you would like to post your athletic resume on our page, fill out our information form.

Contact Info: Always put your (the players) information. College coaches want to talk to you, not your parents. Make sure they can reach out to you personally. Include your full name, phone number, email address, home address, age, graduation year and high school.

Personal Mission Statement: Write something personal explaining your love of the game and why you want to be a college student-athlete.

Athletic Info: Height, Weight, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Hitting Handedness, Throwing Handedness, 60 time, Exit Velocity, Arm Speed. Pitchers include fastball velocity and velocities for all of your off speed pitches. Catchers include your pop-time.

Academic Info: The more positive academic info you can share with a coach the better chance you have at them being interested in following you. Include your GPA, Sat/Act Scores, any AP classes, any academic achievements, etc.

Team Info: Include your high school coach’s name and contact info. If you play on a travel team include that coach’s information as well. Same goes for any coach you may workout with privately.

Past/Future Events: List any past or future showcase’s you’ve attended or plan on attending.

Recruiting Video: Include the hyperlink to your recruiting video. Make it as easily accessible as possible! Having a video is one of the most important parts of this process. Get one made as soon as you are ready.

Social Media: Include your Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook addresses. Social media can be used as a valuable asset or terrible deterrent so make sure you are setting yourself up for success first by not having any negative posts.